What is Dental Crown (Crown Treatment)?

What is Dental Crown (Crown Treatment)?

With tooth crowns, also called veneer, which is used to correct damaged, broken or weakened teeth, the veneer procedure on the problematic tooth is called crown treatment. It is the easiest and most ideal way to save a weakened or broken tooth for any reason.

In addition, dental crown treatment is used to protect your natural tooth from any damage, to strengthen the teeth, to repair your decayed and worn teeth and to change the colour of the teeth.

With a dental crown, you can get the smile of your dreams and have a great look. The crowns we use in our clinic are produced with the highest quality German brand Vita in our laboratory.

Crown Bridge

In the case of one or more teeth to be treated with a dental crown, the process of filling the gaps by taking support from the intact teeth with specially made veneer by reducing the teeth adjacent to the damaged tooth is called the bridge process. This prevents tooth problems in the teeth next to broken teeth, causing cavities in between, and possible aesthetic deterioration.

Ceramic Zirconium

Zirconium tooth veneer, also known as crown, is a process of veneer the tooth surface with zirconium material called ceramic zirconium veneer. Ceramic zirconium crowns have key advantages:

  • The crowns used are completely compatible with the natural structure of the tooth, are anti-allergic and do not have difficulty in accepting the material.
  • As crown veneer is light and natural, they are easily used in the front teeth and provide a great advantage in creating the smile design of the person.
  • They are metal-free and easy to shape and convert to white.
  • Their lifespan is very long and it is completely safe to stay in the mouth for many years.
  • It is very resistant to hot and cold food and beverages.

The dental crowns produced in our dental clinic are made by CAD/CAM (computer-aided design) and computer-aided production method. These zirconium veneer, which is produced using the latest technology, is obtained with very high precision and, almost error-free thanks to computerized production.

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